Trivelo lets you buy and sell cycling equipment in a trusted way.

We connect people selling beautiful bikes, components and accessories with the right buyers.

Our services mean the cycling gear for sale on our website is as genuine as possible with links into frame checking registers which allow us to test if the bike has been stolen by checking real time if the frame is on any stolen databases, not just when listed but every time it is viewed.

We also include cycling & triathlon GPS profiles linked into Strava & MapMyRide that allow you to see the overview of your seller and their cycling history so you know they are as genuine a cyclist as you are.

Our fab Trivelo ranking lets you see instantly which checks the bike has passed and how confident we are that the bike is genuine.

As well as doing the right thing by our customers we also believe in doing good by donating 10% of all our profits to our chosen charity – Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

Join the cycling revolution.